Why study in Singapore:

ü  International students are permitted to work for up to 16 hours a week when course is in session and unlimited work hours during semester break

ü  At the completion of the desired degree program, students may seek employment after submitting the 12 months extension of visa pass to ICA that will make him/her eligible to stay over there.

ü  As world’s recognized universities of different countries and region are having their branches in Singapore, foreign universities degrees can be awarded to the international incurring low cost compared to those countries.

ü  The existence of world’s renowned multinational companies in Singapore creates a tremendous job opportunities for the graduates.

ü  The thriving cultural aspects and high standards of living provide a conducive atmosphere to the international students which serves for the development of basic understanding about the cultural heritage of many nationalities.


Two major semesters per year are held in the month of January to May and August to December.

English language proficiency:

Students are required to get IELTS score of 6.0 (overall) and 6.5 (overall) for Undergraduate and post-graduate study respectively. The minimum TOEFL iBT score to enroll in the university is 80 points. The English language requirement may vary university to university.

Tuition fees:

Tuition fees may vary depending on the category of university, study level and course structure. To enroll in undergraduate degrees, students have to spend approximately SG $20,000 to SG $30,000 per annum. A Postgraduate Master’s Degree has an approximate cost of SG $ 18,500 to SG $35,000 per annum. On the other hand, both the cost of under graduate ranges from SG $ 9000 to SG $ 14000 per year. Courses related to science are comparatively a bit expensive than the courses related to Arts & Humanities.

Living expense

For living purpose, students need to have approximately SG $ 9,000 to SG $24,000 per year on hand excluding tuition fees in order to survive in Singapore.

Document checklists:

  • A passport with minimum 6 months validity
  • All academic certificates
  • The evidence of English language proficiency (i.e. TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT or GRE).
  • Three completed application form.
  • Birth certificate
  • Bank statement that cover the minimum financial requirement.
  • Letter of acceptance
  • Passport size photograph
  • Two academic references
  • Letter of motivation
  • Proof of sponsor’s relationship with student.
  • The Local sponsor’s NRIC copy must be submitted to ICA (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority).

Financial requirement:

At the time of applying for student visa, a minimum 30days bank statement of sponsor that covers tuition fee with the living expense of SG $8400 must be demonstrated as a proof of student’s ability to survive in Singapore.



Student Pass:

Student is required to apply for student pass within the two weeks of receiving the offer letter from the esteem university. To issue the student pass, he/she has to submit the application to the ICA. Generally, it takes two to three weeks to get the student pass. Student is not allowed to apply for visa until he/she gets student pass. It must be issued at least one month before the commencement of study program.


ICA imposes a charge of SG $ 30 against the submission of each application which is non-refundable. To issue the student pass, SG $60 must be payable to ICA. Further SG $30 is payable as a visa fee to make the whole visa processing done.