You must use a third party assessment service to get the actual educational assessment of your credentials that IRCC requires. You cannot issue your own statement that your degree is the equivalent of a similar degree from a Canadian university or college. As of today, the assessment agencies that are accepted by IRCC are as follows:

The list will change from time to time, so you can check the current list on the IRCC website here: Have your education assessed - Skilled immigrants (Express Entry)

Depending on who you go with, you may need to obtain your transcripts and send them to the agency or they may do it for you. The process is set up so that, theoretically, it cannot be tampered with by the applicant; an example being that transcripts must be submitted in sealed envelopes with tamper evident seals and/or send directly from the educational institution to the assessment agency without passing through the applicant’s hands.

I cannot recommend one agency over another as I have never used them myself. My only warning to others is that to be wary of advice solicited on the internet. IMHO, a person of sufficient intellect with a legitimate university education should be able to navigate the Express Entry process on their own, avoid getting ripped off and save money by not needing to use consultants.

Golden rule of immigration: Tell the truth, the complete truth. Do not lie, omit relevant information or otherwise try to be deceptive. If you do deceive, be prepared to accept the consequences.

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